Nature’s best.

  • Holistic concept.
  • Scientifically proven.
  • Delicious and simple to use.

A product for the whole family

LaVita combines more than 70 natural ingredients and all important vitamins and trace elements in one product – delicious, scientifically proven, for the whole family and easy to integrate into everyday life.

70 natural ingredients

LaVita is made with many fresh and natural ingredients that are processed so gently that the product always remains ‘alive’. LaVita contains over 70 varieties of ripe fruits, different kinds of vegetables, high-quality herbs and vegetable oils.

Scientifically proven dosage

The natural ingredients are complemented with valuable vitamins and trace elements – in scientifically proven dosages.

Holistic concept

LaVita provides us with all essential vitamins and trace elements, thus broadly optimising our daily supply of micronutrients – allowing us to avoid imbalances.

Nature as our role model

Micronutrients work best in synergy and often need and complement each other. In nature, they usually occur together with secondary plant substances. This is what the LaVita concept is based on.

Bioavailability scientifically confirmed

According to an internationally published study1, the numerous ingredients of LaVita reach the body's cells. All measured vitamin levels in the blood increased significantly with daily use of LaVita.

For everyone. And every day.

A delicious liquid product like LaVita is easy to integrate into everyday life – whether for adults, children, teenagers, mums, senior citizens or professional athletes.

That's what we believe

Good health is not a coincidence, it is based on our diet. LaVita should not and cannot replace a balanced diet. But it is a smart and easy solution to improve it with only one product. Our concept is based on a diet that is as varied as possible, with nature as our role model.

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1 Neuroendocrinology Lett. 2015 Sept 12; 36(4): 337–347, headed by Prof. Mosgoeller, University of Vienna