We have been working for one thing for 20 years. For your health.

At LaVita, we have focused exclusively for over 20 years on producing a natural product with optimal composition and top quality that works as a holistic supplement to your diet. Because a good diet is the foundation of good health.

The LaVita idea originated from the vision of the long-time captain of the German National Ice Hockey Team, Gerd Truntschka.

Even as a young athlete, he was concerned with the optimal supply of vitamins and trace elements. At the time, in the early 80s, the topics of sports nutrition and dietary supplements were still in their infancy. Gerd Truntschka was particularly bothered by the lack of consistency: Sometimes the focus was on vitamin C, sometimes on magnesium and then again on carnitine.

When he was still a professional athlete, Gerd Truntschka began creating and optimising nutritional plans for himself and his teams.

After more than 20 years as a professional ice hockey player, eight championship titles and an as yet unmatched number of 943 assists, he turned his attention to his second passion: Nutrition and its influence on performance, concentration and the immune system.

Dad, are you sick, because you have to take so many pills?

His daughter asked him this question one day. That's when Gerd Truntschka realised that pills cannot be the solution. Because optimising your diet should convey a feeling of health, not disease. So in a way, his daughter's question gave birth to LaVita, the liquid micronutrient concentrate as we know it today.

Gerd Truntschka searched for a holistic solution.

His vision was to create a single product that combines as many positive properties of natural foods as possible, one that contains all the important vitamins and trace elements, secondary plant substances and other substances like carnitine and coenzyme Q10. In cooperation with experts and nutritionists he created the liquid, holistic and natural micronutrient concentrate LaVita. A product for everyone that contains all important vitamins and trace elements, tastes delicious and is easy to integrate into everyday life.

Gerd Truntschka has been running the family business with his wife Silke since 1999.

He is still in charge of the development and quality assurance departments. His daughter Sarah and son-in-law Ertan are now also part of the management team. Today, more than 180 employees dedicate their passion and expertise to your well-being. LaVita stands for quality made in Germany: from development to production through to shipping.

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