LaVita is a natural product that does not use preservatives. Unopened bottles should therefore be put in the fridge right from the start.

Guaranteed freshness and quality. LaVita is continuously being made freshly made – without heating and without unnecessary additives. Due to the particularly gentle nature of the production process for making a concentrate, the quality of the ingredients is naturally preserved for a long time. This makes it possible for LaVita to stay fresh for about 5 months, unopened and without preservatives.

  • After opening, you should use LaVita within 70–90 days.
  • Please store even unopened bottles in the refrigerator

Unsere Empehlung

Unsere Empehlung

Subscription: every 8th bottle comes free.
LaVita subscription with satisfaction guarantee.

  • Freshness benefitLaVita always automatically fresh in the fridge
  • Flexible and no riskYou only ever pay for the bottles delivered – without shipping costs
  • SavingEvery 8th bottle is automatically free
  • Flexible and without riskYou can change, pause or cancel everything at any time - without deadlines!
  • ComfortableYour desired quantity, at your personal delivery interval

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