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LaVita is a plant-based micronutrient concentrate. LaVita contains over 70 natural foods such as colourful vegetables, ripe fruit, herbs and vegetable oils. With LaVita, we can optimise our daily supply of vitamins and trace elements in a practical and holistic way. LaVita combines all important micronutrients as well as enzymes and countless secondary plant substances in natural balance in one product.

LaVita provides our cells with all the important vitamins and trace elements in scientifically based doses and in their natural environment (see table of nutritional values). The high bioavailability of the ingredients for the cells has been confirmed by a large, internationally published study.*

* Neuroendocrinology Lett. 2015 Sep 12; 36(4): 337-347, headed by Prof. Mosgöller, University of Vienna

One tablespoon (10 ml) of LaVita mixed into 50–100 ml of water makes one serving.

When getting started (again): For the first 75 days, we recommend two servings daily (i.e., 10 ml LaVita diluted in 50–100 ml water). It takes roughly this period for the majority of the cells in our body to have renewed themselves once, on average.

Optimal supply: For optimal supply, and when undergoing particular strains, such as in the case of stress, pregnancy, illnesses or taking medication, or if the diet is not optimal, we recommend two servings a day.

Basic supply: One serving a day is sufficient for the basic supply of a healthy person.

The LaVita micronutrient concentrate is a natural product and is carefully produced without any preservatives. That is why LaVita is only available from us directly. We send your shipment to you once you have placed your order, without any intermediate stops – so you always receive LaVita completely fresh.

One tablespoon (10 ml) of LaVita mixed into 50–100 ml of water makes one serving. A bottle of 500 ml is enough for 50 days (when following the basic supply of 1 serving a day).

LaVita is a natural product without any preservatives, and is not heated during manufacture. It is therefore important to put even the unopened bottles in your fridge right from the start. This way, LaVita keeps for about 5 months after you receive your delivery (best before date: see label). After opening, you should use LaVita within 70–90 days. We guarantee first-class freshness and quality within the best before date.

Yes, LaVita is guaranteed to be lactose- and gluten-free, as confirmed by regular analyses as part of our quality assurance system.

Yes! LaVita supplies valuable vitamins and trace elements, especially during periods of growth. Experience has also shown that LaVita tastes particularly good to children. Our dosage recommendation: as soon as they are eating at the table, children should be given 5 ml once a day, with 50 ml of still water; children 6 years and older should be given 10 ml once a day, with 50–100 ml of water. Adolescents should take 10 ml with 100 ml of water 1–2 times a day.

Dilute 10 ml LaVita (= 1 tablespoon) with at least 90 ml still water (= 1 serving). One serving a day is sufficient for basic supply; optimal supply is achieved with two servings (spaced 3–4 hours apart).

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