LaVita optimises our daily diet. Balanced and holistic with all important vitamins and trace elements.


LaVita optimises our daily supply of micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements)

In day-to-day life, it is not always easy for us to look after ourselves optimally. LaVita can support your daily diet with the best properties of over 70 natural ingredients and all important vitamins and trace elements.


The dosage of LaVita is scientifically substantiated

Micronutrients are involved in almost every metabolic step in our body. They are important for maintaining health.1 LaVita contains scientifically substantiated doses of all the important vitamins and trace elements that the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has confirmed are important for the immune system.

1With iron, vitamins C, A, D, B6, B12, folic acid, copper, selenium and zinc, LaVita contains all the relevant micronutrients that support the normal functioning of the immune system.

LaVita has the best role model:
The nature

Vitamins and trace elements work best hand in hand; they complement each other. In nature, too, fruits and vegetables don't just contain a single vitamin or trace element, but a variety. LaVita contains not only vitamins and trace elements in a balanced amount, but also enzymes and phytochemicals. This way, LaVita takes advantage of the synergistic effects of a natural diet.


Balanced dosage for a broad foundation of micronutrients

It is ideal to always raise one's overall micronutrient level – this way, we can avoid imbalances. LaVita optimises our supply of micronutrients each day across the board.


Bioavailability scientifically confirmed

An internationally published study1 proves: the vitamins and trace elements in LaVita reach the cells. All substances measured in the blood, from vitamin A to zinc, increased significantly, mostly highly significantly, in the blood when taken daily.

1Neuroendocrinology Lett. 2015 Sep 12; 36(4):337-347, headed by Prof. Mosgöller, University of Vienna

A product for everyone

It doesn't matter whether you're a child, teenager, woman or man, mum, senior or competitive athlete – a liquid and delicious product like LaVita can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Many like to drink LaVita in the morning for breakfast, for example.

That's why I recommend LaVita

The topic of nutrition has been close to our hearts for over 20 years. We all know how important a healthy diet is. In everyday life, however, it is often difficult for us to eat optimally. Around 70% of our energy intake is accounted for by hidden fats and empty carbohydrates, such as white flour and sugar. They are high in calories and fill you up in the short term, but provide significantly fewer micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements) than fruits and vegetables. In turn, we also eat fewer of those than recommended: only two instead of the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. What is more, people often have increased needs due times of particular strain – for example due to stress, growing, diets, medications, alcohol or nicotine. LaVita helps us to optimise our daily supply of vitamins and trace elements.

Gerd Truntschka, Founder & Managing Director of LaVita

We firmly believe in this. Our diet is the foundation of our health. LaVita should not and cannot replace a balanced diet. But we can optimise our daily diet intelligently and easily with this one product. Our concept is therefore based on a diet that is as varied as possible and modelled on nature.

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