LaVita's antioxidative capacity (product investigation using the vitamin C equivalent)

As part of this product investigation at the Weihenstephan Science Centre at the Technical University of Munich, the antioxidative capacity of LaVita was measured. The researchers used the so-called ascorbic acid equivalent (vitamin C equivalent) as the unit of measurement.

The results of the study

The determined vitamin-C-equivalent value was 30.91 per ml. The scientists described this value as "remarkable".

The importance for humans

The importance of this for us is made clear by the test report of the Technical University of Munich: "Antioxidative capacity is of great importance because it protects the human organism from so-called free radicals (...)." (LaVita provides important antioxidants such as vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, manganese and zinc, which help to protect the cells against oxidative stress.)