Cells love LaVita – Scientifically proven

LaVita – widely studied and tested. Since its market launch in 1999, LaVita has been subject to repeated testing and scientific investigations. No matter which method was used to put LaVita to the test – in the end, there were always outstanding results that convinced the scientists and experts.

The most extensive study to date was conducted by Prof. Wilhelm Mosgöller, University of Vienna, and Prof. Claus Muss, President of i-gap (International Society for Applied Preventive Medicine). She looked at the "bioavailability" of LaVita – with impressive results. The study was published in autumn 2015 in the international science journal "Neuroendocrinology letters".

LaVita – studies and research

Scientifically proven bioavailability

This internationally published study impressively shows that the vitamins and trace elements in LaVita are absorbed excellently by the body and made available to the site of action – the cells.

BEV analysis (food quality inspection)

The high quality and consistency of LaVita was confirmed in a product investigation into vitality and value using bio-electronic terrain analysis according to Vincent.

Antioxidative capacity (product investigation)

Scientists from the Weihenstephan Science Centre at the Technical University of Munich have confirmed that LaVita has a remarkable antioxidant capacity.